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Gourmet Boxed Chocolates

Our elegant gold packaging is perfect gift giving for any occasion.  Each of our boxed chocolates are exquisite collections of our decadent confectionary creations.

Mini Truffles ~ Our most delicious collection of truffles in assorted fruit and liquor flavors.

8 oz. - $17.95       

Gourmet Nuts & Chewy Caramels ~ Clusters of almonds, peanuts, and cashews in chocolate, butterscotch macadamia nuts, pecan turtles made with our homemade caramel, old fashioned caramels, and our famous earthquake chocolates.

8 oz. - $16.95  ♦  16 oz. - $25.95    Size:         

Whole California Apricots ~ Assortment of our dried apricots covered in milk, dark, and white chocolate.

8 oz. - $17.95  ♦  16 oz. - $25.95    Size:         

Private Collection ~ A special DeBrito boxed collection with chocolate covered apricots, toffee, and macadamia nuts.

16 oz. - $25.95       

Award Winning Butter Almond Toffee ~ Our buttery toffee covered in milk chocolate topped with almond bits.

8 oz. - $13.95  ♦  16 oz. - $20.95    Size:         

Sugar-free Assortment ~ A collection of our delectable chocolates without the sugar!

8 oz. - $14.95       

Events & Shows

Come visit us in person!  We do shows all over California and Nevada!

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