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Hollister Store still open!
While our Gilroy location closed in August, our original factory store at 160 Briggs Road in Hollister is still open!

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DeBrito Chocolate Factory
Home of the Outrageous Caramel Apple

From the heart of California comes a new type of premium chocolate. For years, the DeBrito family have been perfecting their candy making techniques and recipes. The result is the finest quality chocolate, California dried fruit, and fresh nuts — combinations that can make you feel good about indulging!

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Fundraising Opportunities

Caramel Apple FundriaserNeed to raise funds for your non-profit community group, school, or a great cause? DeBrito Chocolate Factory has a program that can help you meet your fundraising goals!

Your group can sell luscious caramel apples, receiving $5 per apple for your fundraising efforts. Plus, you'll be selling a delicious product made by a local producer who stands by their product.

Please note that we are located in California, south of the San Francisco Bay Area, and that all fundraising apples must be picked up at our Hollister location.  We do not ship fundraising apples, so please plan accordingly.

How It Works

Your customers will be able to choose from over 40 scrumptious caramel apples from the Plain Jane to Death By Chocolate. We'll provide up to 50 sales packets* to your group so that your customers can see exactly the yummy apples they are ordering.

At the end of your sales period, bring in your tally sheet and payment, and we'll get to work. Then come pick up your order (bring an enclosed vehicle large enough to accommodate your order) and distribute to your customers within 2 days of pickup (remember, our caramel apples are perishable).

Since your group must sell a minimum of 140 apples and assuming your group receives an average of $5 profit per item, your group could raise a cool $700 or much, much more!!

*Additional sales packets available upon request. Be advised minimum apple sale requirement changes to 3 apples per packet.

Fundraising Options

♦ Sell caramel apples for $12 each. Your group gets a 40% profit ($5/apple).

♦ Sell Salt Water Taffy and/or Butter Almond Toffee.

How To Get Started

Give DeBrito Chocolate Factory a call today at (800) 588-3886 and discuss your fundraising goals and schedule your fundraising date.

You can download a copy of our Fundraiser Agreement form below for more information. In addition, we require that a Credit Card Authorization Form also be completed. Good luck and happy fundraising!